Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms & conditions carefully, as by ordering any of our products, you are agreeing with them.

Delivery & Shipping information

-         Due to the nature of our pieces, not all items are in stock at all times;

-         As soon as your order is received we will let you know by next three (3) business days when your order will be shipped;

-         If not in stock, please allow up to eight (8) weeks for your piece(s) to be made and delivered;

-         Please note that our pieces are handmade and that there are no two pieces alike. Slight variations on colour and shape are possible. That’s what turns our pieces unique;

-         Goods will be shipped using our local or international carriers and if in stock usually are shipped within three (3) business days;

-         If necessary we can arrange special deliveries. Please e-mail us at info@cerdie.com;

-         Cerdié products prices are marked Ex-Works our address. Meaning that transport costs and any customs fees are customers’ responsibility.


-         Please contact Cerdié before returning any item through the e-mail:  info@cerdie.com;

-         Under the Portuguese and the EU selling law, we are required to offer a refund or exchange service for items purchased online;

-         Customers have the right to a full refund on any order up to 14 days after the sale;

-         Cerdié will refund the cost of the sale to customers if claim is presented to info@cerdie.com within 15 days of receiving them;

-         No reason needs to be given during this period;

-         However, the customer always needs to provide proof of purchase (either sales receipt or a bank statement);

-         Goods must be received by Cerdié in the condition they were sent;

-         The customer is responsible for the returned postage fee;

-         Please return any items carefully re-wrapped to:

o   Cerdié

Rua Sta. Luzia, Nr. 100 – Matarraque

2785-483 S. Domingos de Rana / Portugal

-         We will refund or replace if any is faulty;

-         Do not send us broken pieces;

-         If your item(s) arrive broken, please email us a photo of the broken good (s) within eight (8) days of receipt to arrange a replacement, credit or reimbursement;

-         Cerdié merchandise is handmade and slight differences on colours and / or shapes may occur;

-         However, if you receive a piece considered significantly different from the sample, photo or description then email us to info@cerdie.com;

-         When returning a package please mark it clearly “RETURNED GOODS” in order to avoid any extra customs charges;

-         Cerdié is not responsible for any breakages after the order has been delivered in good conditions;

-         When receiving your order if you notice any damage on the package, please mark it immediately when signing its receipt – This is case major;

-         Cerdié is not responsible for any breakages after the order has been delivered in good conditions;

-         Cerdié is not responsible for any delivery delays after the order have left us;

-         Cerdié is not responsible to any circumstances beyond our control.


-         All Cerdié products are food safe unless duly specified;

-         All Cerdié products are controlled under tight control quality criteria’s;

-         Any taxes or duties incurred on the goods, including customs fees and import taxes are the customer’s responsibilities.


-         Cerdié will soon provide third party dedicated gateways. Till there, please proceed with bank transfer for the following bank and bank account:

-         If any assistance on this subject, please contact us to info@cerdie.com;

-         All orders will be Cerdié property till full payment is confirmed;

-         If any product is discontinued and payment has been made, Cerdié has the right to cancel the order and refund any amount received from customer;

-         If any product is discontinued customer can ask for a value equivalent product;

-         Please send us copy of the bank transfer statement to info@cerdie.com.


Unclaimed packages

-         For packages not claimed and returned, Cerdié reserves the right to charge customers a handling fee, the freight companies administrative costs and any other costs resulted from not having claimed the package.

Website information

-         Cerdié reserves the right to change any information, including prices, technical specifications, terms, conditions and / or any other presented in Cerdié website without short notice.

Personal information

-         The personal information provided by you will be used only to grant your orders shipment;

-         The personal information provided by you will not be shared with third parties than the ones involved on the shipping arrangements and website organization and maintenance;

Intellectual property

-         You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content supplied as part of the website shall remain at all times vested in us or our licensors;

-         You are permitted to use this material only as expressly authorized by us or our licensors;

-         This does not prevent you using this website to the extent necessary to make a copy of any order or Contract details.

Legal Force Majeure

-         Unforeseeable circumstances that prevent Cerdié from fulfilling a contract, here understood as order will not be Cerdié responsibility;

-         Examples of such unforeseeable circumstances are:

o   New or amended legislation;

o   Accidents;

o   Natural disasters;

o   Wars;

o   Strikes;

o   Government decisions. Like restrictions, embargos, etc.

o   Any other not here mentioned but included in the general understanding of “Legal Force Majeure”;

-         Any legal disputes that may occur will be handled by a Portuguese arbitral court, from our office area.


-         Cerdié policy is that all our client’s contacts will have a response in the shortest period of time possible;

-         Thus, if there’s any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cerdie.com and will assist you ASAP.

Cerdié ® is a registered brand by CMFonseca, Lda. – VAT # PTE 504 065 130



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